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Make it better

Hi, folks! Here I am again with a new video, that means a lot to me, because I've started this year thinking about how I can be a better person. My boss always says we need inspiration, so...
Well, I hope you like it! (below the video, you can read author's description)

Make it better from Sebastianbap on Vimeo.
We are starting the new year with some new projects, new goals and new challenges.

Whatever you do, always try to be the best you can be. Spread the word.
Good luck.
Created by:
Climent Canal (Idea & design)

Sebastián Baptista (Animation)

Audio by:
Aimar Molero

Thanks to:
Oriol Gil


She looks through the window,
She desires a better future.
She knows nothing about life…
She’s just a woman
(but her heart is still a child).

She thinks about life, love, feelings.
She asks questions without answers.
She wants to be like the sky,
Although, she feels so shy.

She wants to lose control,
She desires understand her soul.

But she will never forget
What she lost
And what she will get!

New soundtrack

This weekend was for thinking about stopping thinking. I hope I can do it on day… my brain needs vacation sometimes! Hehehe About my weekend, I’ve just spent 48 hours sleeping and eating… and now, I’ve got a terrible headache (can you explain it? I slept most part of time and now I’ve got a headache… just me!) … 
Although nothing new happened here, I want to share my new soundtrack. Surfing here, on internet, I ‘met’ Josiah Leming and his album: Come on kid that was released last September. This talented singer was on 7th season of American Idol. Now with Come on kid, we can listen to a powerful voice, with great lyrics. And what can I say?! Josiah Leming does just an amazing sound! (and I confess, I fall in love with these piano sounds!) Well, that’s a simple way to describe him. If you want to check with your own eyes, click here and take a look at his myspace page.

Writing for living

Sometimes I need to write to keep myself alive. Even if I don't know about what I will talk about, I need to write... I think today is one of these days, that's why I'm here.
I had a hard day, today. I worked full time, thinking about pedagogic games and I didn't end what it was supposed to be done. Well, tomorrow will be a new day = the deadline day (wish me luck!).
About my new year's day resolution, today it was hard. I felt depressed for a while... I have my up moments and down moments... anyway! I will survive... I think. The fact is: being alone is terrible, but being alone in a rainy is the worst damn thing in this whole world!!!!! If you could see my face at the moment I was backing home, you would see the most unhappy face you've never seen before...
But, although these things are happening, I was worst last November, so I won't complain now. As Shakira says: después de la tormenta sale el sol... ♫

A good thing?! Well, I don't know if you will agree…


A new year, a new beginning...
This time I want to do everything different. I want to listen more, I want to share more. I'm tired of having the world on my shoulders... I want to put MY world on someone's shoulders. Although I'm telling these things, I have a resolution: being alone. Yeah, that's part of my decision about try something new. Why?! Because last year I promised myself finish 2010 with a boyfriend and... well, I'm alone. So, I have to deal with my loneliness. By the way I have to deal with it and be happy. I'm tired of feeling upset! 2011 means to me “be happy with what you have”, so that's like I want to live!
For you, who is reading here, I wish you a great year!