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Oh Gosh. I want Jordan to me. Am I asking so much?
Seriously, new Jordan Knight’s album, Unfinished, is so good I can’t stop listening to it!
Bellow, you can see his new video, Stingy – perfect! – I hope you like it!


Today, mr. Gavin DeGraw makes me happy! =)

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Nelson Mandela's b-day

If I had my time over I would do the same again, so would any man who dares call himself a man.
Nelson Mandela, November 1962 , from By Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations


I want to change my life and start something new, but I don’t know exactly how… so, I’ve just changed everything here. I think my blog is a reflection of me, so I don’t want to be dark anymore. I want to be colorful and clean as this blog. Although all is relative, I want to have days better than that.

Broken Heart

Here I am again, waiting and waiting. I don’t know… Sometimes I think that to love is to wait. Love is to be patient. Love is to respect. I’ve got a feeling I’m losing the love of my life right now. I’m afraid, but I know I must to be strong, because he will need me by his side – as his best friend, but he will…
At this moment, I feel that I was born to be alone. I try to be a positive person, but it’s hard to deal with this loneliness (that knows me by name)… I fight with myself because I want to happy; in other hand, hope is something is lessening here…
In fact, I got a lot of dreams: I want to form a big family – husband, kids, pets, a great house -, I want to travel, I want to be happy. Happiness is a warm gun… Happiness is not for me. I was born to be calm, to be cool, to be… not happy, not loved.

Alone but not alone.

Oh, you're the calm when my world is crashing
My heart, my blood, my passion
Why, tell me why
You're everything but mine
I hold you close when it all goes crazy
And through it all, you'd be my lady
Why, tell me why
You're everything, everything but mine
(everything but mine - backstreet boys)
I don’t know if someday you had this kind of feeling, but it’s not the first time this happen to me: I’m officially alone, but I feel him with me. He makes my heart feel love and happiness, although, in my case, “happiness is a warm gun”. I know we have no possibilities to stay together and, guess what? For the first time I really don’t care about it! Carpe diem.