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Morning Pages #1

Today I'm gonna write my morning pages here. It's gonna be easier than put my words on my notebook. I slept a lot this night, so I'm excited for a long day without a nap. March is so fucking welcome in my life! I have to plan every step and do every little thing to make my plans happen!
I woke up with a "good morning" message from a friend of mine. This made me happy and sad at the same moment. I am happy because there's a long time I didn't talk to him. On the other hand, I'm sad because he has this thing of appear and vanish from my life wherever he wants. He talks to me when I'm useful to him. When I'm not, he desappears. I don't wanna be a "plan B" for anybody, so I've read what he wrote and didn't give him an answer. 
I'm thinking about finish Oli today. This story must have an end. I need to move on. It's like my life depends on Oli's end to find a way. Weird. Kind of dork too. But this is me... I am ab…