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Coffee and Friendship

I enjoy having a cup of coffee with my friends. It’s something I like to do. And it’s better when this friend is like a brother and the cup of coffee is from Starbucks.

That’s what I did yesterday. My dear brother friend and I went to Starbucks Coffee just for talking for a while. I was sad, he felt it. So we went there and had a little bit of fun.
I’m here now remembering everything he said to me… It’s funny how life can take a new meaning when someone takes care of you… Even if this “someone” is just a dear and lovely friend.He has the power of making me think about my crazy life... (Me and my "drama")
I appreciate these moments!

Looking for.

I want to know what life is
Because I cannot stand this
I don’t know what I can do
If I stay or run through.

I want to feel what happiness is
But I don’t know where I can start
Why is it simple?
Why I feel it so hard?

I’m looking for a road
But I have no directions
I’m looking for love
Without a perception.