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A lot of things happened since the last time I’ve been here. A lot of feelings have changed. In other hands, the other part is on the same way. I explain: I’m still haven’t found what I’m looking for (in U2 words). I was happy with my job, but yesterday – and today – I listened to something that made desire to follow my dream again. I want to be a teacher and I’ll do it! That’s my rule from now on. 
About ‘the rest’, what can I say? My life is a roller-coaster. First: happiness (finally we stayed together!); then, fearfulness (did I do everything right?); after, sadness (we won’t stay together again); and happiness again (it happened twice!)… Now, I really don’t know what can I wait for… #misery

Job interview = fail.

Well, the name of this post tells everything, but I need to write about this fail experience. This week, my last week on vacation, I received a call to a job interview. I decided to go, because that was my opportunity to being an English teacher.

At the time scheduled, I was there. It was a cold Monday afternoon, but I try to seem happy (although the flu was killing me). I just met Taís (school coordinator). She was the person who would talk to me. Well, we entered in a small room and I’ve seen a book that made me happy: Summit! Well, I told her “I know this book, I worked with the top notch… they are from the same collection”. Them we started talking. Taís is a nice girl, with a beautiful smile and a lot of enthusiasm! I liked her – and she liked me. We talked about my life and about the school – a nice place! So, she told me she liked me and ask me if I would like to work there. That was my opportunity, the salary was low, but that was my opportunity and I said yes. So, she said I w…