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Writing for living

Sometimes I need to write to keep myself alive. Even if I don't know about what I will talk about, I need to write... I think today is one of these days, that's why I'm here.

I had a hard day, today. I worked full time, thinking about pedagogic games and I didn't end what it was supposed to be done.
Well, tomorrow will be a new day = the deadline day (wish me luck!).

About my new year's day resolution, today it was hard.
I felt depressed for a while... I have my up moments and down moments... anyway! I will survive... I think. The fact is: being alone is terrible, but being alone in a rainy is the worst damn thing in this whole world!!!!!
If you could see my face at the moment I was backing home, you would see the most unhappy face you've never seen before...

But, although these things are happening, I was worst last November, so I won't complain now. As Shakira says: después de la tormenta sale el sol... ♫

A good thing?! Well, I don't know if you will agree that it's good, but I am in love with New Kids on the Block!!!! amazing sound! great dancing! Cool guys! I really like them! 
(I know... I've got old and started liking NKOTB, crazy thing)

Well, that's it!
I wrote too much, don't you agree?

These days are better than that!


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Post for nobody

I'm here, back again. One year later, I'm trying one more time.  Maybe because - sometimes (or should I say almost never?) - I feel that desire to come back and write a few words in English. Practice makes perfect, isn't it?
I'm breaking my back working these days: I'm teaching amost 40 hours a week, writing a book, running my website, helping a teacher/friend of mine with a project, taking my gratuation course... Life is not easy but it is so amazing I enjoy this journey.
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This is me!

I could say tons of things about this song and this video, but I can resume it in three words: this is me!  AWESOME! :O


While the band in my head plays a striptease...
Finally I've bought U2 360º at the Rose Bowl! FINALLY! And watching this again, I still can’t believe I was in a concert of this tour. So fucking amazing!!! 
Today, I cried again. This time it was One fault (we are carrying each other and I feel so stupid about it…) As they used to sing "Every beauty needs to go out with an idiot"… I wish I met all I have to meet in this life… 
Well, about the concert, U2 has the power over me and I’m speechless again. There are no words to express my feelings about the happiness and the peace I feel listening to these guys...
I've found grace inside a sound  I found grace, it's all that I found  And I can breathe  Breathe now