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My life is changing every minute… 2 weeks ago, I was just a student. Now, I am graduated. It’s funny how a piece of paper can change a life. My diploma had changed my life (and I still wanna cry when I look at it!).
Then, after my graduation ceremony, I had the opportunity to go to a Backstreet boys concert! Although I haven’t met them – one day I’ll go to soundcheck! – Their concert was amazing!!!! =D I wanna back time and be with them again!

But, life is not a bed of roses… If two weeks ago was one of the best weeks of my life, this week was terrible! I’ve got sick. My best friend was really sad and I couldn’t help her. I’ve worked more than I’ve had to. And the day my brother-friend will leave me is coming soon… =/ I’m cheering for the end of this week coming!

I want something new! I want smiles! I want happiness!
Do I want impossible things?


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Post for nobody

I'm here, back again. One year later, I'm trying one more time.  Maybe because - sometimes (or should I say almost never?) - I feel that desire to come back and write a few words in English. Practice makes perfect, isn't it?
I'm breaking my back working these days: I'm teaching amost 40 hours a week, writing a book, running my website, helping a teacher/friend of mine with a project, taking my gratuation course... Life is not easy but it is so amazing I enjoy this journey.
What about you? What are you doing with your life? Let me know!

Everybody changes and I don't feel the same

My last post was in 2013. I don't know the reason made me stop writing here but I know how much I missed this place. The place I am nobody, but I feel complete.
Life has changed I lot, and I can't be the same. I still love the same musicians and have the same hobbies, the same friends... But I'm not the same person. The way I look inside and outside is calm now even though I'm still under the presure. 
I know 2015 is a big year. I'm starting my post-graduation (or is it called "graduation", or "undergraduation"? I don't remember anymore). I'm gonna meet the Backstreet Boys for the first time and - if God bless me this way - I'm gonna live an adventure abroad. 
I love my life but I need to fly. For the first time I'm pretty sure about it. Now I'm not talking about what I want. I'm talking about what I need... 
And I can breath, breath, love!

This is me!

I could say tons of things about this song and this video, but I can resume it in three words: this is me!  AWESOME! :O