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Lonely Sunday

Mood: thoughtful.

I had a thoughtful Sunday today. I swear there are some things I can’t understand in my life… I passed this morning talking to a friend and he tried to make me feel better… Well, it didn’t happen at first, but now I’m in peace with myself.
Ok. I can be confused when I want. Hehehe
(that’s why I won’t think about these things about “feelings” anymore)

Through the evening, I continued reading The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice. I really like Rice’s book! She’s amazing. (If you want to see more about this book, click here)

Now, I want to rest. I know I will work a lot during this last week of 2010. I hope God bless me!  I don't want to think about love anymore...

See you soon and and remember: these days are better than that! ;)


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I'm here, back again. One year later, I'm trying one more time.  Maybe because - sometimes (or should I say almost never?) - I feel that desire to come back and write a few words in English. Practice makes perfect, isn't it?
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Today, I cried again. This time it was One fault (we are carrying each other and I feel so stupid about it…) As they used to sing "Every beauty needs to go out with an idiot"… I wish I met all I have to meet in this life… 
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I've found grace inside a sound  I found grace, it's all that I found  And I can breathe  Breathe now